Meet the PTs
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Personal Trainer & Bootcamp Instructor

Ollie has always worked in the sporting industry, playing rugby over 70 times for Bristol Rugby, competing in both the Premiership and the Championship. Over the last 4 years he has grown his personal training business, helping over 50 people achieve their fitness goals. His popular bootcamp sessions have all the pain to get you the gain! #bootcampnotbutlins

Ollie strongly believes in making fitness fun,  getting the best results from a session which is positive and relaxed for clients to feel uplifted and motivated. Whatever the goal Ollie is here to help, together you will plan and achieve the desired goal.



Personal Trainer

Elliott has been working as a Personal trainer since 2008, he is highly qualified, experienced  and dedicated to helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Elliott provides a personal service, delivering bespoke sessions online and face to face. He supports you step by step to help you achieve your goals, he has a solid success rate and clients recommend Elliott to friends, family and colleagues after using his services.

His specialties are rehabilitating injuries, postural correction, fat loss, sports performance and olympic weight lifting.


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Personal Trainer

My fitness journey began later than most Personal Trainers. Married with two children, stuck in a job I hated, I was grossly overweight and tipping the scales at 100Kg.


My mother’s passing however, provided a catalyst for change. I re-trained as a Personal Trainer. 18 months later, weighing in at 69Kg, I placed third at the Miami Pro Fitness Model championships. I attribute my own transformation to an appetite for evidence-based learning about nutrition, fat loss and building muscle.


Today, I specialise in helping men and women in their 40s, 50’s and 60’s meet their own fat loss and body composition goals. A changing hormonal milieu, slowing metabolism, diminishing testosterone, the menopause, provide the physiological backdrop to busy and often stressful lifestyles. I am uniquely positioned to help you overcome these challenges.


My appetite for learning remains unabated, and I am presently completing my post grad diploma in Sports Performance Nutrition from the prestigious IOPN.

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Personal Trainer

Since leaving behind a career in the Market Research industry and transitioning into personal training and group fitness coaching, it’s been my mission to provide the highest level of training and coaching, bespoke to every individual, aspiring to help each person achieve their full potential.

Now, utilising both my experience of training (both personally and with clients), my aim is to help others move more efficiently, feel more confident and live a more rounded and enjoyable life.

Whatever your goal, the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, with a focus on making the most out of our bodies cannot be underestimated.

If you are interested in starting your own journey, building upon the foundations you have already set for yourself and reaching new heights, reach out and let’s see how we can get you there!



Personal Trainer

Ade has always been a keen sportsman and grew up sampling football, karate and athletics. He first started coaching rugby, but then specialised as a Strength and Conditioning Coach whilst on placement in Australia. During placement he coached a range of national and international athletes competing in sports including rugby cycling and tae kwon do

Since working with SoFit, Ade has combined his experience gained conditioning elite athletes to develop circuits and workout classes that are fun AND help his clients to reach their fitness goals. No matter his clients’ exercise background, his philosophy for people to be motivated that people enjoy exercise. Ade always aims to tailor his sessions’ goals to people’s personal targets. Given his combat sport background, Ade is also adept at training his clients to get stronger and build muscle.

Ade is currently finishing his Masters degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Bath University. Whilst on placement, he also earned his Level 1 ASCA Strength and Conditioning Accreditation

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Personal Trainer

In 2016 Charlotte decided she needed to make some big changes in her life. She trained herself back to health through  weight and cardiovascular endurance training and decided that she wanted to help others improve their lives through movement and exercise.


Since then, she  has done a lot of work with both men and women, helping improve their confidence in and out of the gym. She has qualified as a level 3 personal trainer and  level 2 qualified group instructor, leading various classes both at home and abroad  including; Indoor cycling, Kettlebells, Circuits, Bootcamp.


She has a passion for high intensity training and will challenge you to work hard, pushing yourself  further. Most importantly she wants to make sure you exercise in a fun and relaxed environment - after all who said you cant work hard and still have a smile!!



Personal Trainer

Gemma has worked in the fitness industry since 2012. Starting as a gym and class instructor she has progressed to fitness management roles and now manages a studio facility in Bath. Gemma is a level 3 Personal Trainer with additional qualifications in Exercise Referral and Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Gemma previously worked as a professional dancer and still regularly teaches classes and workshops, she uses her background in dance to improve posture and mobility to help avoid injury and everyday aches and pains whilst also achieving specific goals.

Interesting fact - Gemma travelled to over 60 countries when working as a dancer. Favourites are Japan and Brazil